We are excited to host Recover Fest 2022!

Covington, Virginia


Jackson River Sports Complex

In Virginia, the opiate and methamphetamine substance abuse disorder (SUD) crisis is serious. A sharp increase in fatalities since the pandemic, according to NPR, is rising fastest in young and middle aged adults (mainly men).

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We are all in recovery. Join us in September 2022 to celebrate our collective survival.

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Cannabis-friendly events!

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2022 Recover Fest details TBA!

  • September 2022 in Covington VA

  • Jackson River Sports Complex

  • Full Schedule and Tickets coming soon

Support Recovery and Harm Reduction

in Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley

The goal of Recover Fest is to provide support for those suffering from meth and opiate addiction through harm prevention and recovery services in Virginia by having live music performances that will celebrate our collective survival and recovery.

Recover Fest Donations Information

Where donations for our 2022 events will go, you may ask? Read on to find out!

Various social barriers to success exist throughout Virginia's Shenandoah Valley and Central Piedmont regions including homelessness, poverty, stigma, and addiction. These barriers can cause high-risk individuals struggling with substance abuse to relapse to methamphetamine and opiates as well as other substances.

We are looking for organizations and programs that tear down these barriers. Apply to be a donation recipient receive a portion of the Recover Fest 2022 funds by clicking here.

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About Recover Virginia

Recover Virginia aims to address the Opiate and Meth Crisis specifically in relation to Substance Use Disorder (SUD) by supporting recovery programs, harm reduction initiatives, collaborative organizations with similar missions, and individuals in recovery through community, art, music, education, entrepreneurship, and the outdoors. Our mission is to provide resources and support for those struggling with SUD, promote acceptance of people in recovery, and create an environment where everyone has the opportunity to live life fully free from stigma or shame.

We achieve these goals through three means:

  1. Encouraging personal connections through in-person events and virtual technologies to create a community of collaboration and support.

  2. Fundraising for Recover Virginia initiatives and organizations providing recovery and harm reduction programs.

  3. Partnering with other organizations to provide training and resources on SUD, recovery, mental health, and harm reduction.

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