We are excited to host Recover Fest 2022!

Saturday, September 17, 2022, from 12:00pm-9:30pm in Covington, Virginia
River Rock Amphitheater (Jackson River Sports Complex)

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River Rock Amphitheater

September 17, 2022


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In one way or another, substance use disorders impact us all. Join us on Saturday, September 17, 2022, for Recover Fest 2022 at the Jackson River Sports Complex in Covington, Virginia, to celebrate our collective survival and find help if you need it.

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Need support? Know someone who wants help? Click here for harm reduction, mental health, and substance use disorder (SUD) recovery programs in the Shenandoah Valley and beyond.

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It's a Fact:

In Virginia, the opiate and methamphetamine substance use disorder (SUD) crisis is serious. A sharp increase in fatalities since the pandemic, according to NPR, is rising fastest in young and middle aged adults (mainly men). With your help, we can support recovery!

Recover Fest Donations Information

Support Recovery and Harm Reduction

Across the Beautiful State of Virginia

The goal of Recover Virginia (the host of our annual Recover Fest event) is to provide support for those suffering from meth and opiate substance use who want help. We aim to do this by having live music performances that will celebrate our collective survival and recovery, collaborating with various organizations and individuals, and providing resources to harm prevention, mental health, and recovery services in Virginia. Our current focus is on the Shenandoah Valley and Central regions of Virginia. Learn more about us here.

Where do donations for Recover Fest 2022 go?

Various social barriers to success exist throughout Virginia's regions including homelessness, poverty, stigma, and substance use. These barriers can cause high-risk individuals struggling with substance use to relapse to methamphetamine and opiates as well as other substances. Our funds raised by our annual Recover Fest events support groups that battle these barriers.

We are excited to announce our Recover Fest 2022 Donation Recipients:

  1. Compass for Life (Alleghany County)

  2. Nelson Community Wellness Alliance (Nelson County)

Learn more about our recipients here.

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Recover Fest 2022 Sponsors

While the deadline for Recover Fest 2022 Sponsorships to be recognized on posters & t-shirts has passed, we will still recognize you on our Facebook for our weekly #SponsorshipSpotlight as well as our website in the list below. Click here to become a 2022 sponsor today!

Diamond Level

We are deeply thankful for Augusta Health's continued dedication to supporting recovery and reducing SUD in Virginia’s communities. A Recover Fest 2021, sponsor, Augusta Health is currently our #1 Recover Fest 2022 Sponsor. Learn more about Augusta Health here.

Platinum Level

Cucci's Pizzeria brings traditional recipes for authentic and fresh Italian cuisine made daily from scratch to Covington, Virginia. Make sure to stop by for dinner while in the area! Learn more here.

Platinum Level

Luca’s Pizza is the Covington, Virginia, take-out place for turnovers, pizzas, wings, salads, bread, sandwiches, & fries with Cucci's Pizzeria's love but to accommodate busy lifestyles. Click here for more details.

Together, Cucci's and Luca's support us in supporting recovery and reducing substance use disorder (SUD) in their specific community, Covington, Virginia. We are so thankful for their support!

Platinum Level

"Highlands Community Bank (HCB) was established in 2002 by a group of local investors who determined there was a need for a community bank in the Alleghany Highlands. The belief was that a community bank could better serve the local residents and businesses and better contribute the local economy. " We are grateful!

Silver Level

SaVida Health is an addiction treatment center that treats addiction not as a personal weakness, but as a chronic disease. Get help today for yourself or someone you love by viewing a list of all of their Virginia locations. Thank you for supporting recovery and being a Recover Fest 2022 sponsor, SaVida!

Bronze Level

Thank you to our Anonymous Donors!

Bronze Level

A Recover Fest 2021 sponsor, Health Connect America has returned to sponsor Recover Fest 2022. Their mission is to provide mental and behavioral health services to children, families, & adults. Thank you, HCA! Learn More About Health Connect America.

Bronze Level

Bahhur's Pre Owned Cars & Truck / Auto Repair, located just outside of Lexington, Virginia, off Rt. 60 East beside Fisher Auto Parts, will help you find what you need. Learn more here.

Metal Level

A&D Glass

Covington, VA

Metal Level

Highland Computers

Covington, VA

Metal Level

Havoc House

Waynesboro, VA

Metal Level

Wolfe Speech Therapy Plus

Staunton, VA

Metal Level

Bartley's Meat Market
Butcher Shop

Covington, VA

Metal Level

Shenandoah Hemp Supply

Waynesboro, Harrisonburg,
and Lexington VA

Bear Mountain Signs

In Memory of

John Tingler