Meet Our Recover Virginia Team

Recover Virginia Board of Directors

Jacob Bruck


"After watching many of my community suffer from substance use disorder, I decided something needed to be done. I'm thankful to be on this team so we can work together to bring change to our Virginia communities."

Alice Woods

Vice President

"I got involved with Recover Virginia because of the lack of resources available to people struggling with SUD in our area. I believe Recover Virginia can help bring awareness to that through live entertainment and art by honoring those who have died, supporting those who are struggling and celebrating those who are in recovery."

Lallon Pond


"I support Recover Virginia because I support criminal justice reform. Many people are in jails and prison because they do not have access to or understanding of the recovery process. When we treat people who are suffering from addiction for their underlying illness rather than lock them away, we are creating a more just and equitable society, which for me is of prime importance. Recover Virginia works to make that a reality. And because Katrina has put together an awesome board and is wonderful to work with!"

Katrina Broughman

Executive Director

"I have lost several friends to overdoses and know many people still struggling actively with substance use, mainly opiates and meth. I want to support those people and their families anyway I can by connecting them to resources and opportunities that will reduce social stigma and celebrate recovery.

As a former public school teacher and active community organizer, I am grateful to be able to put my skills and experience to use to support those who need help across Virginia."

Recover Virginia Board Members

Chad Stancil

Covington, VA

"I am an active participant in Recover Virginia by sharing my experience, looking and finding funds, musicians, insurance . . . whatever I can do to help people know where help is. I've been affected by substance abuse in a lot of ways. As a child, I grew up around it with an addicted father. As a young teenager, I wanted to change the way I felt. I wanted attention, and I found that through bad behavior and drugs. That lead me to countless struggles, broken relationships, and almost 8 years locked up. I've had to go to several substance abuse treatment classes and centers through the years. I never wanted to do any of it until 2.5 years ago. I totally changed people places and things. I became accountable for my decisions through the years. The pain and fear made me want something else. I have the healthiest relationships I've ever had with people. I've found safe and healthy ways to change the way I feel. It's my responsibility to make sure someone that reaches out for help knows where it's at. I joined Recover Virginia as a board member so my voice is heard."

Nick Hurston

Staunton, VA

"I am part of the team and involved with Recover Fest and Recover Virginia as a board member because I have been effected by substance use and recovery.

I have a lot of friends who have suffered and died as a result of opiates."

Arielle Podlejski

Rockbridge and Covington, VA

"I have struggled with opioid, alcohol and other substance use, as well as battling some mental health issues through most of my adult years. My life was beginning to deteriorate, and relationships with my family were strained. The worse things got for me, the more I felt like my life was becoming a lost cause, and I felt it was irreparable. I had a couple of early attempts to get sober but found it difficult to figure out where to turn to. A lot of available programs I found, I was not eligible for due to a mental health disorder. Other programs would exclude me due to lack of financial means. Addiction knows no bounds, and I’ve seen it affect people of all sorts: athletes, students, children, parents, grandparents, people with abundant wealth, the homeless, veterans. I have lost some friends to overdoses and others to accidents as a result of impairment from substances. About a year and a half ago, I had finally had enough pain and suffering. I desperately wanted freedom from my addiction. I found hope, fellowship and support from Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous. Since then, I have noticed many changes for the better. My mental and physical health have improved, I’ve formed new relationships with people that inspire me and want to see me succeed, and I’ve found some stability in my life for the first time since before I started using substances to avoid life on life’s terms. I know that there are people in our community that are negatively impacted by addictions, but based on my experiences, finding help and support isn’t always easy. I would like to help raise awareness of resources that are available in our community, and share about what has helped to change my life for the better."

Dr. Jordan Laney

Southwestern VA

I am a writer, educator, and program coordinator currently in southwest Virginia. I earned my Ph.D. in Social and Cultural thought from Virginia Tech where I served as the Equity and Inclusion in the US postdoc scholar. My research has included centering the stories of marginalized Appalachian musicians, supporting first generation college students, and cultural mapping. Since joining the Virginia Rural Health Association, I have become a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor and Peer Recovery Specialist working with nonprofits throughout Virginia. With experience in recovery and as a peer/ally, I am passionate about healing together and the work of Recover Virginia.