Recover Fest 2022 Recipients

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Compass for Life

Allegheny County, Virginia

"It is the mission, duty and purpose of Compass For Life to help serve those formally incarcerated by providing temporary housing and employment skills training needed to transition back into society. We support people actively struggling with or in recovery from substance abuse disorder (SUD), particularly opioids and meth, by giving them a new start to life if they choose to take it. This is done through recovering groups, housing, and possibly skills training so they can have a career that does not involve drug use or going back to jail."

Nelson Community Wellness Alliance

Nelson County, Virginia

"The mission of the Nelson Community Wellness Alliance is to promote wellness in the Nelson community by developing and implementing strategies to reduce substance use among youth and their families. Our vision is to create a community that is trauma informed, engaged, and actively working to reduce the stigma associated with addiction, trauma, substance use and behavioral health conditions by providing education related to prevention, treatment, and recovery. Our four priority areas are: Education and Outreach, School and Youth Services, Local Residential and Counseling Services, and Treatment Court / Alternatives to Detention."

How Funds Will be Used

Compass for Life:
"Funds will go toward renovations for a home for temporary housing along with any items and materials that may be needed to set up the home."

Nelson Community Wellness Alliance:
"We will use the funds in our work to develop a Pathways Community Hub model for Substance Use Disorder & Opioid Use Disorder. This Hub would be a culmination of our Alliance member efforts to assist with education, job training, housing, child care, recovery support, and medically assisted treatment. We also assist with health care services, mental health resources, transportation, health and wellness, continued follow-up, and whole-person care."